1. Max Vacuum Level: -92 kPa
  2. Open Vacuum Flow: 682 Nl/min
  3. Air Consumption: 304 Nl/min @ 4 bar
  4. SKU: VTC3032-2

The VMECA Turtle Pump VTC3032-2 is integrated with a Vacuum Filter and is designed to attach all the necessary components to build a vacuum system. In particular, the built-in VMECA cartridge provides a more stable vacuum than conventional vacuum pumps, and an efficient vacuum system is possible.

  1. Integrated three-stage VMECA Midi Vacuum Cartridge and high dirt holding capacity pleated filter
  2. High operational reliability despite fluctuating or low compressed-air pressure
  3. Blow-off function available 
  4. Optional factory installed Air & Vacuum release control valves, Vacuum switch, and Air Saving Kit
  5. Patented design