1. Max Vacuum Level: -75 kPa
  2. Open Vacuum Flow: 5,792 Nl/min
  3. Air Consumption: 1,664 Nl/min @ 6 bar
  4. SKU: MPML303X16

VMECA MPM Pumps MPML303X16 can be modified to specific needs to be utilized in many applications where high vacuum flow is required.

  1. Efficient with energy and air consumption
  2. Quiet and reliable
  3. Incredible durability with its long wear and aluminum body
  4. Large vacuum flow replaces electric pumps, eco-friendly
  5. Can implement up to 16 cartridges for maximum power
  6. For optimal performance, contains a revolutionary three-stage MIDI vacuum cartridge pump  
  7. Excellent performance with the integrated VMECA Vacuum cartridge and silences