1. Max Vacuum Level: -92 kPa
  2. Open Vacuum Flow: 27 Nl/min
  3. Air Consumption: 24 Nl/min @ 5.5 bar
  4. SKU: VTOX5X(n)

This oneline model VTOX5X(n) uses individual pumps to make up the complete unit, each pump is in itself a multi-stage ejector unit. Each individual pump can be stacked to together thus creating a modular manifold based system. The advantages of this unit are that it can be operated using just two control valve while retaining individual vacuum lines separate to one another, therefore if any leakage or surface deformation occurs and one pad loses it vacuum, it does not affect the vacuum level in the other pads.

  1. Individual vacuum operation
  2. Stackable up to 16 vacuum generators
  3. Quick response time
  4. Reliable performance 
  5. Multi-stage ejector