1. Max Vacuum Level: -92 kPa
  2. Open Vacuum Flow: 341 Nl/min
  3. Air Consumption: 152 Nl/min @ 4 bar
  4. SKU: PM303X1

VMECA PM Pumps PM Pump PM303X1 can be modified to specific needs to be utilized in many applications where high vacuum flow is required.

  1. Extremely compact, lightweight, quiet and easy to install
  2. Quick start-up and processing time
  3. Compatible with the Air-Saving Kit (AS-KIT) to substantially minimize energy consumption
  4. Incredible durability with its long wear and aluminum body
  5. Excellent performance with the integrated VMECA Vacuum cartridge and silences
  6. Various connection ports available both on the top and side
  7. Can easily replace the Classic Pump with no problems; same dimension